Mark's Page


Born and raised here in Crawfordsville, I've been into all types of art my whole life. Taking pretty much all the art courses I could in high school and completing a semester of commercial art at Vincennes University, tattooing became an interesting subject to me when I "stumbled" upon it. And when I discovered the style of artwork and the subject matter it entailed, I was hooked! I have been professionally tattooing since 1994 and opened my own shop in October of 1997. I am a professional member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, and I have completed the "Prevention of Disease Transmission" course given by the organization multiple times. I am also annually certified in the Bloodborne Pathogens course offered by the Red Cross. I adhere to strict standards in safe, professional tattooing practices, and use only SINGLE USE needles and tubes, which means they are new, used once, then discarded. I also use autoclave sterilization for my equipment, which is the industry standard used by doctors, dentists, etc. This ensures a safe and long lasting tattoo experience for my clients.


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